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shocking images exposed {PICS}

Title: shocking images exposed {PICS}

Just Released...Military Tech For Public Usage

Here's Why: Wide spread attacks inside the United States HAVE become a reality that's CURRENTLY being brushed off by mass media sources... to not cause panic.

In good faith - the Military have released archived LED technology which has been placed inside Tactical Flashlights called the G700s...

The G700 is able to isolate threats by producing 700 blinding lumens of light...

The technology kicks in when 'strobe mode' is activated ... producing a pulsating frequency that disorients a threat within MilliSeconds!

shocking images exposed {PICS}

Massive orders are coming in from Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Armed Forces,... Don't you think you should be doing the same?..

Grab a Military Grade Tactical G700 Flashlight TODAY and BE PREPARED and DISORIENT the THREAT!!! CLICK HERE

-Tim Vester
National Gun Owners Association
4025 S OLD HWY 94

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