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ASAPM is a public Usenet newsgroup for people with anxiety disorders and their friends or family to share information and mutual support. Anything you submit for posting will be available to everyone online. Please take the time to look at our charter and moderation guidelines:

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The moderators (listed at the end of this page) base their decisions on the contents of the charter and moderation guidelines, with the aim to allow the group to have a supportive and friendly atmosphere. If you have any questions regarding the moderation or posting process you may contact the moderators at the email address provided below. If you're having problems posting you can email posts directly to the submission address.

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If you don't see ASAPM in your newsgroups list you should request that your provider add the group, most providers will honour that request. You can make a request from here. It may take some time for a provider to add the group, and you will need to refresh your newsgroups list in order to see it.

Alternatively you can read and post to ASAPM via Google Groups or register with a news provider which already carries the group. has a free Usenet server and provides a good service for just €10 (10 Euros = about 13 Dollars) per year. Registration for these news servers may take a few days to complete.

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If you're new to Usenet you may want to look at the NNQ homepage for some information, and the Usenet references at also has some links to useful sites. If you have questions related to Usenet, the newsgroup news.newusers.questions is a good place to look for answers.

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